Australian Commerical Investments


Selling or buying business or investments is one of the biggest decisions a business person can make. Much more complex than selling a house, transfers of business ownership demand considerable time and effort. Usually, business owners are so busy with their daily operations that they are not able to expend the time and effort necessary to sell their business for a reasonable price. All too often, the owner who attempts to sell his own business ends up with much less than it is actually worth, or worse, cannot sell it at all.

This is where the business broker from ACI steps in. A business broker represents the seller and arranges the sales transaction: assessing the value of the business, packaging, marketing, qualifying buyers, negotiating and closing the deal.

Australian Commercial Investments was established to service the ever growing market for the sale of commercial properties. As we mentioned previously, selling a business is much more challenging than selling a home. You cannot simply place a "For Sale" sign in the window of the owner's business and expect it to sell. Nor will a three-minute stroll through the premises be enough to convince potential buyers to purchase. Selling a business involves more than just assessing property value and inventory worth, it also depends on emotions and degree of motivation on the part of both the seller and the buyer. You need more personalised service in the whole process - right from the time of Listing to Settlement of the Business. After working in the industry for number of years the principal of ACI - Mr. Haroun Nathaniel saw the need for more personalised professional service in the Market.

Good client service and business in general are based on simple values and most of it has to do with trust. People need to know that you are aware of their challenges and obstacles that you can actually do what you say, they can rely on it happening in an agreed time and you will stand by them to see that it happens. Making the company into one stop shop for all your business requirements is the core Base for the formulation of the company. We provide expert advice on the matters of all investments. Our company is fully accredited with REIQ (Lic: 3133012) and honor and upheld the rules and regulation of the governing body.

We hope your experience in dealing with our company will be a memorable one and if you had a good one, please refer us to your friends/family, if bad come and tell us. All the best for your ventures - "Dream Big".